Friday, May 14, 2010

Late Night Television

I tend to stay up late to watch That 70's show on Teen Nick - it's nice to end each day laughing, especially after any sort of dramas that the girl child may have brought home from school. I've become very familiar with the ads that are run - a preview of the next episode of Degrassi, an acne medication, a female product, and....Your Baby Can Read. It makes me wonder what kind of target audience for a baby product is watching television at midnight - teenage moms on a feeding break? It's really strange - of course, my babies didn't read at two, either, so maybe I just don't get it. Don't get me wrong - Khloe could swear like a sailer at two. Not many kids can do that, you know. I guess I get occupied on the goofiest thoughts.
What have I been working on? Well, Mom's Mother's Day present is almost done - just a few more rows. I know it's late. She doesn't mind.
I also spun some art yarn inspired by my friend Jenny's alter ego. I can't post a picture because she hasn't seen it yet. I think it turned out really neat. My spinning mojo is back. I'm working on some superskinny black merino on one spindle and some sparkly blue on the other. I browsed the beautiful batts on etsy earlier and will be saving up to get a couple. The new fiber sellers are really good - lots of color and fiber combinations to choose from. It all looks like candy.
School gets out in seven days. This school year has gone by so fast! I'm happy for warm weather, though. We've had quite enough cold, crappy days.
Pictures next time!

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Holly Bee said...

Your baby can read! haahaahahaaaa

Would love to see your spinning. Sounds pretty!