Saturday, May 8, 2010


Since I've left the Random Acts of Kindness group I've felt a bit of a withdrawal. I really like sending people gifts. Now, a couple of weeks ago I got a truly gorgeous box from Holly that made me tear up a bit - it was full of yarn, books, and assorted other goodies and really made up for the months of being ignored. She's great. It made me want to pay it forward in some way. I've made a couple of decisions. First, I'm going to get back into the charity knitting and crocheting. Holly is involved with a group that makes shawls and lapghans for kidney patients. I plan on using some stash to warm up some people who are in the hospital. If you remember, my dad had a kidney removed a few years ago. Thankfully he didn't need any further treatment. I'd like to make things for people who do need treatment. I'm also going to make more snuggles - little blankets for animals in shelters. Khloe is a big fan of caring for animals and has been urging me to do something - she wants to adopt a pet but making a snuggle will be a much better option. I can use stash for that, too.
The other idea I came up with is a newish feature on ravelry - the gifting of patterns. I can browse some queues, see what some people would like to have, and gift it to them. I think I'll start with people who are friends (of course, Holly has no wish list, darn it) and move on to those people who are in the same groups as me - maybe a Ravenclaw housemate or someone else who loves the Savvy Girls, for example. Unfortunately it can't be done anonymously so the giftees will know it's me but I think it will make them smile - and that, after all, is what I really want to do - make someone smile.


Mary LeMaster said...

Thats an awesome IdeA1 I joined that group too and love sending a lil something to people. Maybe one day I will recieve too. Love charity knitting!! keep it up!

Holly Bee said...

I am proud of you! Charity is good for the soul, knitting stash, and dang it, people like it!

I'm really glad you liked your package! It was fun putting it together.