Sunday, March 14, 2010

Technological Frustration

Last week I was helping some kids with their vocabulary words at a grade school in town. They were working along so I looked out the window because the sun had come out - it had been raining like crazy all morning - and there, sitting on the ground, was a gorgeous blue jay. He was spectacular. His colorings put an idea in my head to make a colorway and knit a sweater for myself in those blues and grays. Unfortunately, however, we don't have cell phones anymore. Even when we did the camera on mine was crappy. At that moment I would have loved to have been able to take a picture and email it to myself. I suppose it will be a little while before we get phones again, too. I'd really like to get an iphone, though, because of frustration number two - many podcasts now have apps for iphones with special content and features. It's very frustrating for me, and I'm sure other listeners, because not everyone is Apple-crazy. Maybe I'd like to look at an android phone - but the apps probably don't work for that. I don't have an ipod touch, either - my little pink buddy is a first-generation nano, no bells or whistles, just audio pleasure. I won't stop listening to the podcasts that have decided to add app features, but I will be pouty about it.
I guess if any of you want to buy me an iphone, or another app-friendly smart phone, so that I can keep up, I would love you forever and sing your praises daily. Just sayin'.

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Jasmin said...

I can't speak for any of the other podcasts, but I can tell you for *sure* that everything we make available on the app, you'll be able to get through our shownotes, too.