Wednesday, February 3, 2010

New Warmers

The assignment for divination was to make something to protect our palms. Well, you all know how I love my mitts! These are made out of the same Handgefaerbt that I made socks out of last year - the skeins are so big that I still have some left!
Right now I'm working on a couple of February assignments - transfiguration and herbology. I have an idea for both charms and DADA, too - and my brother's sweater is still going strong. No, I'm not overdoing it. I'm trying to cut down on nutrasweet and the best way for me to do that is to keep busy. I'm not one to do a ton of big projects, either. I want to make sweaters for myself and have the patterns and stash to do it - I just need to make a plan to get it done.
What else is new? Khloe got straight A's on her report card - again. I don't dare try to pay her for good grades or I'd be broke. She's still not interested in Harry Potter, though. She watches the movies with us but the books just don't grab her. Kerry and I are very excited about the upcoming Percy Jackson movie - the ads look great. I hope it comes here so we can watch it a couple of times - I don't like driving, especially at night, so I don't go to movies that aren't here. (Why don't I like driving? Tiny car, big animals in the road, no cell understand.)
I'll be going now - more pics as the projects get done!

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