Sunday, May 25, 2008

Big day and a brush with fame

I spend alot of time thinking about what to write about and then never do, so I don't know where to start because, mentally, it's all been said, but here goes.
I know that it's good luck to rain n on your wedding day. What does it mean when there's a super-scary thunderstorm on your last day of work - especially when a tree by the door gets hit by lightning? Does that mean uber-good luck or major doom? Yes, my working days are done for now. I feel free and light. (I won't discuss my last day of work. My feelings are still hurt.)
On her blog, Jenny discussed feeling like she's been stuck on spin cycle. Me? I'm under water or something - I'm moving but nothing seems to be happening. Everyone else is going along as normal, I'm just not accomplishing much. I'll get things done, though. It will just be awhile.
I'm feeling a little famous in my head right now. See, I'm friends on ravelry with Carin from the Lime and Violet podcast. In my initial message to her, I commented on her Monkey socks and asked if it was her favorite pattern. On last week's podcast she said that it is her favorite pattern. It was like she was speaking to me. Hee.
I finally got my "garden" going yesterday. I went to Kmart and bought my tomato plants, marigolds, and some snazzy new gardening gloves.(Khloe and Megan "cleaned" the shed, and I can't find my old gloves. Neither can they.) Yes, my whole garden is tomatoes. The marigolds are supposed to keep bugs and rabbits away. I like working in the yard. I feel more connected to the world or something. I just don't mow. That's what teenage neighbors are for. And stepdaughters.
I've put the knitting on hold for a moment. It seems my psyche was craving comfort, so I'm crocheting a throw. It won't be big, just enough to cover my legs and chest. Eric thinks it's very colorful - black and white. Fortunately, crocheting is really fast. I should be back to the sock soon. I need to finish it quickly - my sock club package will be coming this week, and I'd like to work with it. Summer of Socks is still a couple of weeks off. I've got some things ready - yarn caked up, patterns selected. I know I won't win. I'm excited about getting good at making socks. Kid socks don't count - my two want some slipper socks, so those will be started soon. Yep, just in time for warm weather and sunshine.
Happy Memorial Day.

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~Knitting Up A Storm~ said...

Congrats on being done. If it's any could mean that you ended with a "bang?" I guess that's the glass-half-full thought about it!

I hope you got your package already! Have fun! :)