Thursday, March 13, 2008

Thinking of Future Projects

My time away from the needles has been, well, rather torturous. I have been thinking alot about what all I want to make, though, and what yarns I want to use and such. The main project that occupies my thoughts is actually the reason I taught myself to knit in the first place. It's the Monk's Travel Satchel from Knitty Gritty. I actually started it last winter but didn't get far. I know the strap will be way too long, so I need to figure out how much to take off. I also want to change the stitch patterns a little. The strap is all seed stitch, which looks really pretty but is rather slow going. I think I'll try the sock heel stitch - not much faster, but it won't stretch out and make the bag drag on the ground. I may peruse my Barbara Walker book for a sturdy stitch pattern, too. The yarn I started using is beautiful. It's bright purple shiny cotton. I love it, but it probably won't be good in the long run. I may go the Red Heart route - cheap, washable, and a plethora of color options.
I'm fascinated by lace right now. Every time I'm on ravelry I keep looking at all of the beautiful lace projects. I have so many marked as favorites it isn't even funny. My folder of patterns for the near future is loaded with lace - and the new knitty has a beauty of a scarf that's been printed out and matched with yarn. I think a set of addi lace needles would be a good investment eventally - for now, my Denises are still my best buddies!
Oh, I saw, on ravelry, where someone had tie-dyed her Denises! It's so cool. I think I need to try it.
A non-yarn project that intrigues me is altered books. I'd really like to make one. I have tons of stickers and such, and an altered book scrapbook would be perfect. I hope to start on one this weekend, if I can get some mod podge and gesso and stuff. I also love the idea of having a place to attach all kinds of sparkly things like beads and sequins. I'll put progress pictures up as I go.
Tomorrow I go for tests on my hands, and I'm getting nervous. I want to get it over, though. Wish me luck!

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