Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Birthday, Kerry!

Friday was Kerry's ninth birthday, so last night we had a little party at the bowling alley. I, in my naivity, forgot to take a picture of all of the boys. They all had fun - even if there were more gutter balls than pins hit. Eric and I bowled, too, for a game. He and I both were on leagues several years ago and got to take our shoes and balls out of the closet. We will have more parties - the kids really enjoyed it, and I like getting to know the other moms. One friend's grandma said something that made me really think. She said that one year they had invited the whole class to his party and no one came. Can you imagine how awful that would be to a little boy? I think we'll go to the parties we're invited to. I think the two hour time investment and small gift are a very small price for a chance to make some good friends and have fun.
I hadn't given a hand update yet. The carpal tunnel tests are very uncomfortable. The doctor told me that I have it but not bad enough for surgery. The results, however, were negative. I don't have carpal tunnel. My doctor is referring me to a neurologist for some other tests. I have decided, though, that I will knit and crochet until I'm told not to. I'll just give myself limits and abstain when my hands are particularly numb or achy. Besides, there's too many patterns out there and I can't resist the temptation.
On that note, I cast on a pair of Bellatrixes. I am having so much fun with it! I love the wrapping and dropping. I'm thinking about doing it on my next top-down sweater, in fact. Wouldn't it be cool and punky?
We're on spring break now, and I took the week off to be with the kids. My babysitter, the wonderful Jenny, has things going on and wouldn't be able to do the all-day thing. Bummer for Khloe - she loves Jenny's house and everyone in it. A week will be nice, though. It may take that long to really clean the house - maybe even wash the curtains if I get ambitious.
I'm having a rough time right now with my depression problems. Eric sometimes says things that cause bad flare-ups, and last night when we got home he told me that his kids don't like me because I yell all the time. I have worked so hard to get along with all three of them, and I thought things were going well. Jake has said more than once that he wants Eric to move back in with his parents but I've tried to tell myself that he just wants to see his grandma more. It's just really hard, though. He really thinks that his kids are perfect and never do anything wrong, and my kids are always bad. Maybe it's time for me to quit trying.
Well, time to go for now and watch the snow fall and read some Harry Potter. Happy Easter!

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