Wednesday, June 6, 2018


I really need to do this more often. I think about what I want to tell you all the time, but then I have to work or get lost in a movie or fall here are a few things from the past month. Mother's Day was nice. Khloe made me a beautiful ceramic elephant in art class
Kerry took me to a movie at the new theater here in town (yay! movies!) to see Rampage, starring my imaginary boyfriend Dwayne Johnson. It was fun and had some very funny parts. I'll watch it again when it's on video. Eric got me a boom box for my craft room.
Now I can play my cds when I'm back there. It also has an aux cord port and Bluetooth, so I can play the digital albums from my phone. As for things I've made, well, I can't seem to get any decent pictures. I recently finished this vest
I saw it on instagram and thought it was cute, so I bought the pattern on etsy. The pattern was a pain to figure out. The designer tried to be cute or something instead of straightforward. I had to read it several times to figure out what she was talking about. It's also sized by chest measurement, which is crazy for something open-front. I messaged the designer about it and she just sent me a picture of the size chart with no helpful information. Sigh. At least I figured it out and can make another one if I want...maybe a slightly longer one next time. That's all for now, I guess. I'll have to start taking notes of everything or start blogging more often. We'll see what happens. Have a good week, dears!

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