Thursday, December 7, 2017

Fast, Cheap, and Easy

Not me - this sweater I recently finished. The pattern is $5 in Paris, a free one that I've made before. I've been working on a cabled cardigan and it was annoying me, so I decided to make something simple and familiar. The yarn is Simply Soft. I think it cost maybe six dollars total. I still have enough of both colors for another project when I find one. So, what do you think?
I've taken a few days off to clean the house and do some baking. You can tell from the mess behind me that the cleaning isn't going well - I'm obsessed with Stranger Things and don't want to do much else but watch it over and over. I did bake some cookies, though, for Khloe and her friends to decorate after school. I'm going to try to persuade them to unwrap some chocolate kisses for peanut butter cookies. Recently I watched some makeup videos on You Tube. Apparently I do it all wrong! One girl talked about blending her eyeshadow for 40 minutes. My whole face takes less than 10 - I have better things to do. I still do mine how I learned when I was young, when disco was everywhere and color was in. I like it. I don't want over-painted eye brows and tons of contour and fake lashes (can't get them to work, honestly!). I've never wanted a "natural" look. I guess it's dependant on when you were young and what you latched on to. Well, I should go do something responsible. The laundry still doesn't wash itself. Darn it. I'll see you all later!


Hollie Black-Ramsey said...

Well, hello there! Looking good in that sweater! And what a fabulous figure you have! I looked up some makeup videos just the other night because my skin is getting so splotchy, I'm getting the early 30s fine lines and my normal makeup routine isn't doing much to conceal things anymore. I was so freaked out by all the steps and creams and brushes. My makeup already takes about 30 minutes so I was pretty sad to see that I might have to add another 30 to to get my youthful face back. LOL!!!

Vix said...

That's a fantastic jumper, very emo!!!
I never blend my eye shadow, I buy the brightest and trashiest shade I can find and stick it on with the applicator that comes with it. I do love false eyelashes - cheap and cheerful ones are best! x

Kezzie said...

40mins on eye shadow is ridiculous! Your jumper is amazing! It looks so soft! Sorry I missed this post.x