Tuesday, December 20, 2016

That Was Quite a Month

So, wow, November was a mess, wasn't it? I won't start talking about that fiasco of an election. On the 16th, there was a gas explosion in the business center of my town. It was pretty big - we live fifteen blocks away and it shook our windows. Two buildings collapsed and three more have to be torn down from damage. Almost all of the businesses and shops have broken windows and other damage. It took just over two weeks of constant work for everything to get up and running again. My hotel had a couple of windows get knocked loose but nothing more since it's a new structure - one of the buildings that has to come down is the old opera house that held a lot of the town's history. Work got super busy because we had contractors, construction workers, and displaced apartment renters staying with us. I'm glad that we had space for those who needed it. I finished November by wasting six hours watching the revival of Gilmore Girls on Netflix. I'd watched the series based on friends' recommendations. It's okay. The main characters annoy the heck out of me, though. The peripheral characters are fun and interesting. Unfortunately, they aren't in the revival episodes for more than a few minutes each. I know a lot of people love the show and love the new episodes. They obviously see more in the characters than I do. Now we're two-thirds of the way through December. I've only made a couple of pairs of boot cuffs and a hat. The cold has made my hands more achy than they used to be. I'm also dealing with an annoying cold that won't just go away. Most of the Christmas shopping is done. I suppose we should put the tree up soon. I'd forgotten that more planning is required for holiday stuff when you work since it's been so long. That's the update for now. When my brain isn't so foggy with medications I'll take some pictures to share. Until then, stay warm, my dears!


Goody said...

Oh goodness, that does sound like an awful month!

i hope you had a peaceful Christmas and I wish you all the best for the New Year.

Kezzie said...

Oh my goodness, that sounds terrible!!! Hope all is ok now! Oooh, picture of the boot cuffs please!!!