Thursday, October 1, 2015

They Grow Up So Fast

Yesterday was my baby girl's fifteenth birthday. Fifteen. It seems like so recently when she was the tiny bundle with big blue eyes that charmed everyone. Now she's in high school and last weekend went to her first high school dance.

Isn't she beautiful? She went with a group of friends and had a really fun night. I'm glad she's enjoying school so far this year. In less happy news, I no longer have my job. I'm very heartbroken and depressed about it but won't talk about it further. It's back to the stress of looking now. Back with some finished projects soon, I hope.


Val S said...

Your daughter is gorgeous! I'd be worried about her looking so beautiful and mature, but I skipped the mom stage and went from stepmom to grandmother, so what do I know! Our granddaughter is 15 and is also beautiful and so coooool! I wish I had been that cool when I was her age.

So sad about losing your job. It's not easy trying to find something new when you're older, but you just have to persevere. Good luck!

Curtise said...

I'm sorry to hear that you lost your job; lots of luck finding something else.
Your daughter is beautiful! xxx

Kezzie said...

Oh Bobbi, I am sorry you've lost your job, that's horrid, not surprised you are so upset! Your daughter is beautiful, her hair is AMAZING too!x