Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Weekend of Shows

I usually don't get out much beyond the grocery store (starving teens eat so darn much), but this past weekend was a whirlwind of activity. On Saturday, the Prairie fiber Arts Guild held a yarn and fiber show in Chillicothe, the town where my parents live. Eric made sure I had enough gas in my car for the hour drive, and Kerry and I hit the highway. I dropped him off with Grandpa and Mom and I checked out the show. It was small but really nice. I forgot to take pictures, darn it, but we met loads of vendors (one who made amazing Fimo buttons and I didn't get a card darn it) and met a baby ram. I picked up a few things:

some lovely silky merino from Spry Whimsy Fiber Arts

a gorgeous purply BFL braid from Leading Men Fiber Arts

and a super cool fossil pendant from a man named Phil Krumholz - his card says Art to Wear but he doesn't have a website sadly, his jewelry was gorgeous.
Sunday brought the rock and mineral show here in my town. It's held every year but this was our first time going. I took Khloe and one of her friends and we had a ball looking at all of the pretties. We picked up a few treasures:

Khloe got a geode, a slice of stained glass-like stone, and a piece of chalcopyrite from Mexico.

I got a little stone egg for my collection

and some little purple polished stones that may become pendants with some knotting or wire wrapping. There was a "fossil dig" for kids that was boxes of pebbles full of polished stones and shark teeth. Each of the girls picked out something. I would have chosen one of the very large teeth if I could have - they were neat.
I was pretty worn out from all of that socializing but it was great. I also learned something, especially at the fiber show. One of the vendors was selling handmade jewelry - pretty stuff. It was all the kinds of things I've made over the years. I looked at her prices and it hit me - not everyone can make things. I have a rather easy time figuring things out and tend to undervalue it as a skill. I need to appreciate my talents more and not consider myself "less than" someone who can sing or who has amazing people skills. I tell my kids that everyone is special and has their own special skills. It's time to listen to myself.


Krista Gassib said...

I just wanna say thank you first, for your lovely comment on my blog about my Dad. You gals make me feel less alone in all my pain and for that I owe you all my love!

I have only been to one fiber show and it made me wish I was a knitter, beautiful colors you picked out, why I would like my hair to look like that:). I'm a sucker for rocks and would have enjoyed that show too, I have a few pretty cool ones in my collection too.

Take care sweetie-

pastcaring said...

It's true, being skilful at making things is a real talent. You picked up some really pretty things at the show. xxx