Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Being Bright

If you live anywhere east of the Rocky Mountains you're probably snowed in. I tried to take pictures of all of the snow we've gotten - and we got even more last night - but my poor camera didn't like it. I've taken a cue from my favorite bloggers and decided to cheer myself up with color.

I ran my errands in hot pink and a long skirt (leggings and socks underneath, it's too cold not to!) with my black and white fur on top, not fully zipped to share my brightness. I even got complimented at the grocery store! That always makes my day. Today the kids are home, again, because of the weather. I hope they keep the cat busy because I want to sew and don't need his help. Cutting out a pattern? I'll lay right here in the middle. What happens if I put a paw here on the sewing machine? Hey, you're looking away so I'm going to play with this spool of thread/button/fabric marker. Oh, you're knitting now? I'll bite the yarn while it's moving. All of you cat owners know what I mean. At least he's cute.


Krista Gassib said...

You've got the right idea keep warm and happy and add a lil pink:). You look happy in this photo and I'm sure made people smile that day. Cats are always messing with me when I'm busy, cats! Enjoy the snow:)

happycooking said...

I love your picture I wish you had a knitting video podcast on You Tube :)