Monday, August 19, 2013

Kind Of Treasure Chest

A few weeks ago my aunt called. After some rounds of phone tag we finally got to talk to each other and she asked if I'd like some vintage patterns that she'd acquired over the years. I said yes, of course. So the next week, after a very crappy day that was just part of a crappy couple of weeks I came home to a box on the porch. Yay, my brain cried. I quickly opened it and found

a whole lot more than I was expecting! I have taken pictures of each one individually (there's over 50) and am slowly but surely putting them on a pinterest board if you'd like to see them or have any information about the year. So far only about a third are there because it's boring but now that school has started I should be able to finish soon. I plan to take pictures of the patterns that I've gotten from etsy, too. Have I mentioned that I hate Google Chrome? Kristen told me where to fix pup-ups but - guess what - this chrome apparently doesn't want to be screwed with and likes pissing me off with pop-ups. I absolutely hate that some websites will only work with some browsers and it does affect what sites I will go to. I also hate disqus. It makes it impossible for me to comment on many blogs that I'd like to comment on. I refuse to sign up for an account because, honestly, I don't see the point of it. Supposedly I can use my twitter account but I can't - it tells me that I have to sign up. I've emailed some bloggers to let them know about the problem - because surely it's not only me. Hopefully disqus will become less of a pain or will disappear. I'm not the only one who feels this way - my tweet about it got many favorites and retweets. Well, since the kids are at school I need to dance around the room a bit and enjoy getting back to my peace and quiet. I'll be back soon with a couple of finished projects and a plan for another sew-along. Have a great day!

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Kristin Jones said...

I'm so jealous of that box of patterns! I looked through the pinterest board and it looks like you have a nice variety. I can't wait to see what others are in there!

And I'm so sorry that Ad block didn't work for you! My boyfriend loves it - I'll link to it just in case you tried a different one. (After all with a name like that, there's must be a lot, right? Maybe?)

And if that is the one and it still doesn't work, then I just don't know! Disqus is a pain until you sign up for their account, which I finally broke down and did. I agree, you can't really use it if you're logging in from twitter - but I hate having to log in to leave a comment - why isn't my google profile enough? Hmph.