Monday, December 13, 2010

Health and House Cup

Things have been a bit chaotic here lately. The kids had a five-day weekend for Thanksgiving and then were sick the whole next week. They're feeling much better now, thank goodness, and so am I - having them home is a bit taxing on my nerves. At least they're old enough now to take a nap when told.
The House Cup has ended another term and Ravenclaw tied with Gryffindor for the win. I personally completed two OWLS and won a Star of Isis award. I'm also among the first group to complete seven "years". We're trying to decide what to call ourselves now that we've "graduated". Next term will have a special new member - Khloe has joined Ravelry and the House Cup. She's had a great time so far getting to know everyone. I monitor what she does, of course, to make sure she's in groups that are not too mature for her.
Since my keyboard is being difficult right now I'm going to get going. Next time I'll talk about my gift knitting and random other stuff. Stay warm!

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