Tuesday, June 22, 2010

In Honor of Grandmas

I fell in love with the vintage sweater patterns in the spring issue of Verena. They're glamorous and stylish and cool. As I browsed through the pictures again I realized that two of the sweaters reminded me of my grandmas, so I'm going to knit them the colors that were their favorites and wear them with style. This cardigan is called Stanwick. It's shape and style remind me of my Grandma Bette. I have the perfect yarn for it in my stash - Knit Pick's CotLin in Moroccan Red - a rich winey red that will be gorgeous with the stitch pattern. Grandma Bette loved red. She had pale skin and silvery white hair and red looked so nice on her. I can see her in this sweater with white slacks and a polka-dot blouse under it. I'll be wearing jeans and a tee, most likely, but she'll be with me in my mind.
This one is called Rodgers. To me it's the kind of casual dressy that Grandma D would wear to church or bingo. I'm on the lookout for the perfect yarn for it. It must be blue - something in the sapphire to midnight range, maybe with a shine. It will be great for days when I'm called to work with a skirt and plain shirt under it.
I've started listening to The Age of Innocence by Edith Wharton. I chose it because it's read by Brenda Dayne of Cast On. I love her voice. The podcast is good but I have to fast-forward through the songs. I really like the story so far. The book is in my library but hasn't been opened - when I'm in the mood to read I tend to go toward young adult fantasy-type books like Harry Potter or Percy Jackson - things that are easy to read and take me to a different world. I'm glad that librivox exists so that I can get to enjoy the classics while knitting.

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