Monday, April 12, 2010

Not Much Kindness After All

I've been in the Random Acts Of Kindness group on ravelry since I've been on ravelry - and I always try to get at least one package sent out every month, even if it's a scrape to pay the postage. Most of the time I don't get anything from anyone. It's been two months since I've gotten the last RAK, so I posted my list on the thread that I thought was a reminder to other members that my list hasn't gotten any bites. Well, apparently that's not how it works anymore. Someone in the group got crabby with me about reposting my list. You know, I don't ask for Malabrigo and Wollmeise. I usually only ask for a pattern or two and maybe some tea. Well, screw it. I'll send the package to New Zealand tomorrow and that will be it - I'll leave the group and not ask for another thing. You can't imagine how pissed I am.
I was already upset at Lime and Violet - they spent the last episode badmouthing stay at home moms, people who live in trailers, men who buy beer....all sorts of people in my life and me as well. I spent two days talking myself out of leaving a very bad review on itunes - does anyone else get sick of hearing about Violet's plague and how "busy" she is or how much smarter Lime is than anyone else in town? I'd calmed myself down from their attack on my life and loved ones - and now a ravelry group starts in on me.
At least spring break is over and I can have some privacy again.

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Holly Bee said...

I will send you a package! F them in the ear.

Plus, I drink beer, cheap wine, and have half my fence in the neighbors yard. I live by a junk yard, and my favorite chair is from someone else's trash pile.

Send me your address. This isn't a radom act of kindness, it's Anarchy, baby!