Friday, November 21, 2008

The Votes are In!

Thank you for helping me choose a sweater pattern! The winner is Tubey. I've looked at it on ravelry and it seems to be a quick knit that looks good on everyone. Originally I was going to make it in Ravenclaw colors but I found some great red-pink in my stash that will be perfect. Of course, I need to finish the gifts first - just a little more.

Jenny and I had a conversation recently about sock yarn - what a shame it is to make beautiful socks that no one will see. From now on my gorgeous yarns will be items for my upper body. I just finished a nice pink lacy scarf out of Artyarns Ultramerino. I love it. Now I'm making a lace scarf out of wool-silk that I handpainted. It's so soft and squishy and wonderful. Yes, I'm on a lace scarf kick right now. Got any patterns to share? I'm looking for easy ones that I can memorize quickly and relax to without messing up if I watch TV or talk to someone.

Not much else is going on. Although I need to ask a favor. Next month is my birthday, and it's a big one - the kind they make black plates for. I would love some encouragement and comforting words. I've never felt my age until recently - this pain problem makes me feel so old and decrepid. If you can boost my spirits I will love you forever.

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~Knitting Up A Storm~ said...

Aw, never look at numbers. You're as old as you feel. And don't forget, everyone feels achy now and then. That's what's stretching is for.

I wouldn't have guessed that you were old enough to have black plates made for your b-day. :)