Friday, September 26, 2008

Update Required!

I'm on a new medication that keeps me from sleeping, and last night as I lay awake I decided that I need a new look. See, I've been in yoga pants and tees since May. A new look is so needed. My new hair is probably part of the spark - I'm partly refreshed but not completely. I miss my boots. Eric bought me the greatest cowboy boots a few years ago - black with chains. I love love love them. They also happen to look great with my big black leather jacket that mom doesn't like because I look like a bad girl or something. Here's what I'm thinking, though: boots, fishnets, a sassy retro-esque skirt (sorta fiftiesish) and a slightly off-shoulder top. Something easy but stylish and unique. I suppose I need to start sewing - new clothes don't grow on trees, and in my small town chances are good that I won't find what I want. Any suggestions, ideas, offers for seamstress work? I'm all ears!

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