Saturday, November 17, 2007

This week's progress

I finished Khloe's Clapotis. It's made with Caron acrylic. She likes it. It's big on her, but maybe that means she will use it for a long time.

I love this pattern. This is the second one that I've made. Everyone should make one, even if it's just for the calming rhythm of the stitches. I'll be making more - a friend from knitty is sending me the yarn to make her one, and I'd love to have a lighter weight one for my wardrobe. Well, the knitting schedule is open after Christmas.

This is one of a pair of muffatees from

The pic is a bit blurry, but it's ribbed half-double crochet. The pattern has clever short rows of slip stitches to widen the palm while keeping the wrist slimmer. I'll be making more of these, too. It's a quick project that didn't use much yarn, even though it's crochet.

Let me tell you the story of the yarn I used for it. When Kerry was a baby, my mom called and said that Goodwill had some yarn and would I like to check it out. Well, I was broke and had a new baby, but the yarn addiction was starting, so we went. A yarn distributor in our area had gone out of business, and Goodwill had bagged up 10 and 12 skeins for TWO dollars a bag. Whew. I wish I had a time machine, let me tell ya. The yarn is all Greek, so we have almost no idea what it is. This particular one is cotton ( I can read that word) and something else that's shiny, about DK weight or so. It's very smooth. Yes, I have yarn from eight years ago in my stash. Doesn't everyone?

Anyway, I'll be calling them wristwarmers because I think muffatee sounds kind of, um, naughty or something. I'm on a wristwarmer kick right now. I have printed out several patterns that look interesting and fun. I'm sure there will be more pics soon.

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